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Private & corporate tuition

Private Tuition

Many people find the idea of training as a group quite daunting, a personal training environment can help alleviate your concerns and has proven time and time again to produce rapid results.
Focused solely on you, these sessions are tailored to help you achieve your specific goals and needs. The positive encouragement and full attention you will get from defence lab can be the most efficient way to success whether you want to increase strength, improve fitness or learn techniques.
Private Tuition 1 to 1 Individually tailored to your specific needs is a great way to accelerate your understanding of the Defence Labs Systems. Whether it is to fastrack within the (DNA Fight science) syllabus as a student or apprentice instructor or to  help speed up your childs understanding of how to deal with bullying issues (DL Kids) or to vastly improve your fitness and strength using the unique techniques of being a Personal Training Client, or as a fighter to hone your skills studying the Combat Sports program.

  • Programmes individually tailored to your needs
  • 1 to 1 attention for optimal gain
  • Improve your fitness levels
  • Increase your strength
  • Reduce your stress
  • Rapidly increase your understanding of the your chosen program


Corporate Team Building

Here at Defence Lab Halifax our Self Defence Courses are cutting edge. Due to the unique delivery system and the easy absorption of the relevant information we believe they are ideally suited for the Corporate/ School environment.
Using self defence techniques and concepts that are simple to learn, immediately effective and can be used by anyone regardless of size, strength, height, weight or sex. We offer a wide range of subjects with flexibility in terms of when, where and how your staff are trained.

Examples of our Corporate Training Programmes are:

  • Introduction to Defence Labs Global self-defence program (DNA Fight Science)
  • Women‘s specific self defence ( DNA Fight Science)
  • Children’s Self Defence for schools (DL Kids)
  • NUYU Fitness Program
  • Defence against weapons

Benefits to your organisation include:

  • Improved staff morale
  • Reduction of client complaints through appropriate staff responses to conflict
  • Increased compliance with Health and Safety
  • Reduction of stress/assault related staff sickness
  • Improved employee functionality under duress
  • Improved staff retention