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Defence Lab in Hollywood

The Defence Lab Method

Defence Lab are known in Hollywood for creating some of the best fight scenes in Blockbuster Movies such as Batman, Jack Reacher, Wrath of Titans, Mission Impossible and more! Defence Lab have been working as fight consultants to the Hollywood film industry since 2004 when Paul Jennings (top Hollywood Second Unit Director) gave Andy Norman (Founder of Defence Lab and DNA Fight Science) his first big break in Batman Begins. Defence Lab has since gone on to consult and work with some of the biggest names in the industry.

So what does this mean to you?

Well, it means that what Defence Lab has to offer really is something quite special; it’s not just another run of the mill martial art with a new name. It really is rather unique, and that’s what makes it so appealing to the vast and varied marketplace. Defence Lab definitely has a unique flair and radical twist to their approach in martial arts and it’s taking root in a big way. So get in contact and see what DL can do for you!