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Romford Rd, , Stafford, Staffordshire, ST163DZ.

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Traits of a Martial Art Black Belt

1. Skill Mastery: A black belt possesses a high level of proficiency in their chosen martial art. They have honed their technique, demonstrating precise and efficient movements. Their strikes, blocks, kicks, and throws reflect years of training and countless hours of practice. 2. Discipline: Black belts exhibit exceptional discipline in their training and daily life.

Defence Lab Stafford – Granted Team Storm Status

It’s a real honour to have been recently inducted into Defence Lab’s elite team…..’Team Storm’ by Andy Norman (Founder of Defence Lab) and the DL Crew. First and foremost, thanks to my entire family for their on-going support with regard to my Defence Lab Martial Art School, a big thank you to Andy Norman and everyone else at