Martial Arts

for ages 8-13


Anti- Bullying

A NEW Kids Martial Arts program focusing on bully prevention, exercise, and building confidence,

Ethical Education

The Defence Lab Kids Program is a practical self defence and fitness program for children, taught alongside ethical, moral and character education along with motor skill development.


It has been designed to effectivley teach children to develop their physical and mental skills without generating any violence.

Why Is A Martial Art Good For Kids

Boosting Self Esteem

Learning new skills with a sense of achievement and encouragement from the instructors helps to build up confidence and esteem. Hard work is rewarded with praise and accomplishment

Discipline And Respect

We instil good behaviour and good manners in the kids during our classes. Being respectful of other people is important. Listening positions and asking by raising hands to speak for example, skills they will need through school years and later life.

Fitness And Health

The kids will develop a healthy attitude towards fitness and exercise which will benefit them in later life also.

Focuses Energy

The classes are a great way to burn off energy in a focussed and controlled manner. Attributes such as co-ordination, balance, speed, strength are all practiced and developed.

Team Players

Working together in pairs and small groups will encourage them to become team players and learn to work with others - developing leadership skills, communication skills and sometimes patience!

Stand Up For Themselves

Whilst the classes are fun and taught through games, the underlying skills ad techniques they learn will come in useful if they are put in a position where they must defend them self.

What other people say about Defence Lab

Great Club, very friendly and enthusiastic people. The instructors are great, making kids and adults feel very welcome. You can't go wrong with Jay, Daz, Russ, Brad and Spencer.
Dave Palmer
My daughter loves this class twice a week, great fun aswell as well as learning self defence, instructors are great fun and great with the kids, great value for money, fab around
Sally Bowd
So welcoming and friendly. Definitely builds confidence and fitness. My daughter is having lots of fun and making lots of new friends. The instructors are amazing.
Maria Meakin