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Defence Lab Stafford


Defence Lab is “a place of investigation”…

The scientific study of physical and mental aspects of reality-based combat and self-defence.

Defence Lab’s DNA Fight Science is a free thinking reality-based combat system.

The ever developing DNA Fight Science here at Defence Lab is constantly adjusting and EVOLVING with its surroundings. Techniques, principles and philosophies are always tested to answer the question “Does it Work?”

We never believe that it’s “perfect”…. Always watching, listening, training, testing and ultimately EVOLVING..

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Tel: 07905440243

DNA Fight Science

The DNA Fight Science Program devised by Defence Lab is an EVOLVED Combat System that was developed by over 20 years of training, real-life experiences, testing and trying to answer the question:

"DOES IT REALLY WORK?" The DNA system is a reflection of Andy’s very own provocative life journey so far.

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Kids Martial Arts

A NEW Kids Martial Arts program focusing on bully prevention, exercise, and building confidence, we have designed a specialised syllabus for each age group, 4-7 and 8-13.

Learning based through fun and games helps to spark imagination and creativity, allowing the children to flourish.

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Profitness Personal Training

Our amazing workouts are based upon Functional Fitness training principles. The key to functional exercise is integration.

It’s about teaching all of the muscles to work together rather than isolating them to work independently. Functional fitness training prepares you to tackle everyday life and supports a healthy and fit body.

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The Evolution Of Krav

Warrior Defence Lab is a new product that contains a full upgraded Krav Maga curriculum. It can simply be defined as ‘ A Way of Thinking’ – it is a Lifestyle Approach System, that can help anybody.

This programme enables everyone who wants to practice this art the freedom to do so, without taking into account age, sex or level.

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Instructor Training

Become a Defence Lab Instructor. Our Defence Lab Instructor Program is an opportunity for you to teach, train and earn an income doing what you love!

The instructor program is designed to give you the martial arts and martial arts business skills to succeed. For details ask your Lead Instructor.

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Defence Lab Hollywood

Defence Lab has had the opportunity to train some of the biggest stars in hollywood. From the likes of Tom Cruise to Liam Neeson.

Find out what makes Defence Lab so special and learn similar techniques to ones used to train the hollywood stars.

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What People Say

"Been doing this martial art for a few weeks now and I have to say it's the best one that I've ever tried. The instructors Jay and Daz are brilliant, the atmosphere is super friendly and everyone busts a gut with a big smile on their face. From what I've seen it's great for both kids and adults and for anyone looking to get in great shape, plus you'll gain the confidence to learn to look after yourself and your loved ones - winner winner chicken dinner. Don't delay sign up today and find the new you!"

Dan Delgyln

"Dropped in this week to check out DL. This is a super accessible programme if you've never entertained the idea of doing self defence or martial arts before. Jay is a great teacher, it's a friendly environment to train in and the moves look pretty sweet!"

Dave Stephenson

"I went to the tester session and I really enjoyed it. My sister and I both went because we want to try and improve our fitness and try something new. I have always wanted to try some mixed martial arts and learn how to self defence. I am a big fan of movies and when I found out this is the fight style Christian Bale and Liam Neeson uses in the Dark Knight and Taken movies. Jay and Darren were great with everyone who came and really helpful. Highly recommend going"

Dave Butler

Defence Lab - Martial Arts Classes in Stafford

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Here at Defence Lab Stafford we teach our self defence classes to a very high standard. Our coaches are black belt instructors and are experienced in coaching both kids and adults of all abilities and ages.

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